PSE Bows In Stock! Call for Pricing in Canada

PSE Bows In Stock!  Call for Pricing in Canada
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Why would PSE replace a legendary bow like the PSE Brute? Because they stepped it up!  They made it lighter, faster, and added the most adjustable single-cam ever.
Meet the PSE Surge! From its lightweight and incredibly stable split limb design, to its hard-hitting single-cam system, the Surge is the new standard for performance in economical bows.


Fever One, Specially designed to fit small-framed archers, the Fever One features an exceptionally fast single-cam design that delivers the speed and accuracy young hunters need to find success in the field.

PSE has built a bow that is lean and mean, but that still has all the core elements you've come to expect from a Pro-Series bow: Planar Flex Riser? Check. StingStop? Check. New high-performance DC cam? Check. Pure awesomeness? Double check.


The PSE Elation is a state of happiness. It’s also what this bow promises to deliver when in use. This bow will fit anyone from kids to adults and is also a bow to be used for someone new to the sport.




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