Carlton's Calls - Mac Daddy

Carlton's Calls - Mac Daddy
Carlton's Calls
SKU: WY-70075

Carlton's Calls - Mac Daddy

The revolutionary Mac Daddy® is a bugle and cow call all wrapped into one. It is so easy to use that even the beginner can blow it. The Mac Daddy sounds are deep and rich, making them irresistible to the craftiest old bulls. This call includes mouthpiece with removable baffle, small removable grunt tube and lanyard with four loops. The mouthpiece features Infinity Latex®. The Mac Daddy's unique internal diaphragm is easily operated by simply changing the amount of pressure placed on the plunger while blowing the call. The baffle tones down volume for close-in calling. Includes Advantage® Max-1 camo cover and instructional DVD. Patented.

Price: $42.98

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