Hoyt Carbon Spyder Z Canada 1-877-287-8933

Hoyt Carbon Spyder Z  Canada  1-877-287-8933
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Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT - Call for pricing and shipping info 1-877-287-8933The all-new Nitrum Series features our revolutionary and patent-pending Zero-Torque Cable Guard System neutralizing unwanted torque for ultimate forgiveness and accuracy while our patent-pending Offset Riser Design absolutely kills vibration for ultimate silence and stability. This is the most advanced aluminum bow to date. Period. Advanced, aluminum riser design for strength and stiffness. Rid torque with the ZT Cable Guard System.Adjustable AirShox arm provides optimal damper location, regardless of limb bolt weight adjustment. Pro-Lock Pocket System harnessing the proven XTS Pro Arc Limbs, all made potent by the smooth drawing, hard hitting Z5 Cam & 1/2 System.

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Price: $1,199.99

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