Local Fishing Reports Winter 2017/18


                            Campbell River Winter Report 2017/18

   Those who tuck their boats away for the winter miss out on some great fishing opportunities in Campbell River. There are plenty of feeder Chinook salmon being caught off the Hump at a depth of 180ft. Winter Chinook are active and aggressive feeders, so a faster troll is acceptable. Durabait anchovies and five inch Coyote spoons are perfect for enticing these feisty fish. The colder currents have driven away the dogfish, so this is an excellent time to troll small anchovies and herring in a Rhys Davis teaser head.

   Steelhead fishing in the Quinsam and Nimpkish rivers should be heating up. These rivers are productive from mid November all the way through till January. Pink or blue Intruders and egg sucking leeches should be an effective pattern for anglers using a fly rod. Last year, set ups using orange wool were bringing in lots of fish and this year should be no different. Rubber worms and Gooey Bobs in bubblegum pink are also great alternatives for gear casting.

Oyster River and Salmon River are both worth fishing during late December through to the end of January. Remember you are fishing these river systems in winter, so dress in layers and if using waders, wear your wading belt! The last thing you want is to accidentally fall into a river and have them fill up with frigid water. Your wading belt will also trap air in your waders, providing some buoyancy should you fall into deeper water. Wearing your wading belt however, is still not a replacement for a good life jacket.

   Roberts Lake should be at the top of your list when trying to decide where to do some winter trout fishing. This lake has a bait ban, so the good ole' worms and bobber will have to stay home. Try casting Krocodile spoons or black and silver flatfish around the drop off between the boat launch and resort. The best way to fish Roberts Lake is to slowly troll two or three inch plugs around the far side of the lake. There are plenty of lunkers in this lake, but the maximum length you are allowed to keep is 50cm.

   The bonus to fishing this lake is that when you get too cold or hungry you can head up to the restaurant at Roberts Lake Resort for a warm cinnamon bun and a hot beverage.






                             Courtenay Winter Report 2017/18

    Hello winter, good-bye dogfish! The best thing about salmon fishing in the winter is these pesky little sharks have migrated to warmer water. This is an ideal time to troll anchovies and herring for feeder Chinook. There have been early reports of fish being caught around Point Holmes, but Kitty Coleman and Grants Reef should see some nice schools of salmon over the course of the winter. During November through to January, the water is very clear, so flashers are not required. Smaller spoons and Tomic plugs that mimic live bait will be super effective. This is also a great time of year to try jigging off the edge of a bait ball for salmon. As always, Point Wilson Darts are hot, but also stock up on some Blue Fox Gomame jigs.

    As the Chum salmon finish their annual run up the Puntledge River, those wishing to continue river fishing will have to shift their focus to trout and Steelhead. This is strictly a catch and release fishery in the Puntledge. Fly anglers should make sure their leaders and lines are heavy enough to sink down to the fish lurking at the bottom of the river. Puntledge Worm patterns can be extremely effective, plus they are easy to tie. Your fly box should also be stocked up with egg patterns and stoneflies. Steelhead will respond to blue, purple and black Intruders. For those using a spinning or bait casting set-up, try using bubblegum pink worms or Gooey Bobs in BC Orange. Puntledge Park is a popular place to fish the river, but anglers should be mindful of the no fishing zone at the mouth of Morrison Creek.

    The angler willing to brave long hours in the cold, sitting at the side of a lake, will be rewarded. Winter is regarded by some as the best season to fish for trout. Maple Lake and Wolf Lake are both great places to chuck and worm and bobber, or some chartreuse Powerbait. Doc Spratley and marabou leech patterns are good all season. If early temperatures are a sign of things to come, there is a chance Maple Lake freezes over. If it happens, take this rare opportunity to do some ice fishing. Please keep in mind that ice should be at least four inches thick to safely walk across.






































































































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