Local Fishing Report July 2017

July Fishing Forecast Courtenay/Comox



Chinook salmon fishing is entering its prime at Grants Reef and the Kitty Coleman hump. The larger fish are moving in, making this an exciting time for anglers. Confetti, and similarly white coloured hoochies are working well at Grants Reef at 90ft deep. Large 602 Tomic plugs would also be an attractive option for enticing monster salmon.

LureCharge's voltaged tuned spoons and Tyee Candy squid are worth a try at the Kitty Coleman hump. These lures send out an electrical pulse that fish find attractive and appetizing. The 4” Moon Jelly spoon has been very popular and should be a go-to lure for every angler looking to land a tyee. The Tyee Candy squid come in great colours for fishing locally such as Army Truck and Watermelon. These 6.5” squid are sure to attract fish at depths of 200ft.

Jigging is a great hands-on way to catch fish off the hump. Kids may find this more entertaining than just simply trolling for salmon, especially when they feel the first bite! Drop your lure off to the side or just under a school of bait fish, and start jigging. This will mimic an injured bait fish that can't keep up to the rest of the school, an irresistible opportunity for feeding salmon. Green and Blue Nickel Point Wilson Darts are a favourite to use for this style of fishing, but don't be afraid to try other colours as you never know what the next killer lure will be.



The hot weather means trout will be retreating to the cooler depths of most lakes. In shallow lakes where they are unable to do so, the fish will become sluggish and uninterested in feeding at midday. Try fishing these lakes in the early morning or late evening to beat the heat. Try focusing your efforts on deeper lakes such as Comox Lake. Anglers have managed to land lunkers using 351 and 500 Tomic Wee Tad plugs. This is also a great time of year to use Worden's Flatfish in Silver Flake, Perch and Fire Tiger patterns. There is also extra incentive to fish Comox lake as the BCCF and MFLNRO have teamed up to conduct a study on the lake's cutthroat trout. Recovering the marker from a tagged fish and turning it in could earn you a cash prize. Please remember to fish ethically, and remind yourself of the fishing regulations at Comox Lake before heading out.


July Fishing Forecast Campbell River


The Campbell River area is truly earning its title of “Salmon Capital of the World” this summer. Expect abundant fishing straight through July. There have been multiple reports of Chinook weighing over 30lbs being caught around the Hump and Green Cans. Irish Cream seems to be the flavour of the month, so be sure to pick up a few Tomic plugs and Goldstar spoons in this pattern. The warm weather has finally attracted schools of pesky dogfish, so fishing bait will be a hassle. Most anglers have switched over to spoons, plugs and hoochies. This is a great time to try Durabait anchovies and needlefish in colours like Orca Glow, Lemon Lime and Bloody Nose. If you are determined to use bait troll at a faster pace to discourage dogfish and entice salmon. Most salmon are being caught at 200ft down, but don't be afraid to bring your lures up to 60ft if the fishing is slow, especially off of Willow Point.




Echo lake is still producing fish, but the hot weather means they will be retreating to the deeper parts of the lake and may be a little lazy when it comes to feeding. A float tube or small boat will be your best friend this time of year. However, if you find yourself stuck on shore try casting large Krocodile spoons and Vibrax spinners into deep or sheltered parts of the lake. Live bait such as worms should still be effective in the early morning or late evening as temperatures cool off and fish cruise the shallows looking for an easy meal. 






















































































































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